Soft Gym

Yoga, Pilates, dance… here are some ideal activities to make your silhouette slimmer, develop the muscles of your body and relax your mind. Usually practiced on the ground, on a mat or with accessories: balls, elastic bands, sticks… these soft gyms develop strength, suppleness, coordination and wellness.

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Reference: 1216
Maximum comfort during floor exercises for rehabilitation or f tness. Can be used as a head support, neck rest and back support cushion. 
Reference: 2612
Like the classic AB Mat, it allows a max amplitude of the crunch, as well as a safe work of the abdominals by protecting the lumbar. Its striated surface allows a better recovery and relaxation of the muscle knots.
Ideal for Pilates exercises and for strengthening of core muscles. The ring is flexible and resistant. Foam ergonomic handles for best comfort. Plastic ring with PVC coating.
Reference: 0459
For large gymballs with a diameter from 55 to 75 cm. Supplied in lay fl at form. For easy gymball stacking. Color: White.
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