Functional bag

Excellent functional training tool echoing the Sandbag but with a very specific shape, the Functional bag was originally invented for martial arts purposes. It allows you to perform a wide variety of movements that are sometimes difficult to perform with most weighted bags; its unique shape makes it an extremely versatile tool. Training with a Functional bag is creating a balance between strength, joint flexibility and mobility.

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Reference: 1543
Ideal for storing different weights like wall ball, functional bag, sandbag and super sandbags. Optimize your space. Maxi load of the floors: bottom 90 kg / middle 70 kg / Top 50 kg • Max load of each side floor: low...
Reference: 1534
This rack is the perfect accessory for gyms with full storage for a wide range of accessories (dumbbells, kettlebells, discs, rubber bands, medicine ball, sandbags ...). Maximum load of platforms: left: 3x200 kg /...
Reference: 4750
With its adjustable fill and multiple handles for strength building and agility work. Includes four weight bags to be filled with a very dense material such a sand (max. 4 kg of sand). Maximum weight: 16 kg. Strong...
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