This cubic box, which can have different heights depending on its layout, will help you target the tone of your skeletal striated muscles by playing on your muscle fibers and their ability to withstand stretching. The plyobox will therefore help you improve your muscle tone, protect you from injuries such as muscle tears, and make your cardio work a lot.

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Reference: 4600
Plyometric foam box with 3 different heights (51cm, 61cm, and 76cm). Ideal to train explosiveness and work the entire muscle chain. The density of the foam gives a good rebound. In this way injuries are avoided in...
Reference: 4606
Plyometric platform box with 3 heights simply by turning it over (51 cm, 61 cm and 76 cm). For relief and explosive strength work in safe conditions. Interior wooden structure for greater stability, surrounded by...
Reference: 4605
The foam plyobox set is designed for plyometric training for all levels and all powers. To increase the difficulty of the exercises, simply stack additional plyoboxes and connect them with their Velcro strips....
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