Weighted vest

Like a normal vest but this time with weight, the weighted vest is the perfect way to increase your body load without having to wear dumbbells or discs. It can be easily used in exercises such as pull-ups, dips or push-ups. It can even be used to work on your endurance while running.

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Reference: 1796
From 1 to 10 kg when removing or adding weight (300 gr each). 30 weights of 300 g each. Evenly distributed weights. Very practical. Material: Neoprene - 38 pockets.
Reference: 1799
Training vest supplied with two 2 plates of 2.5 kg and 2 plates of 4 kg. Ideal to adjust trainings’ intensity, to improve cardio , strength and endurance. Shoulder and waist strap adjustment. Ideal to perform squats,...
Reference: 1795
Elevate your workout routine with our 10kg Weighted Vest Sports Bra. This vest combines comfort, fit, and performance to help you push your limits like never before. Its raised center of gravity will allow you to run...
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