Power band

These strong bands are designed for intense upper and lower body strengthening. Power bands are great for bench press or deadlift to add extra resistance to a load or your body weight. They can also assist you with movements such as pull-ups. For the longevity of your product, you must store it away from light and apply talc from time to time.

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Highly resistant loop band designed for upper and lower body reinforcement. Ideal for adding a resistance to bench press or deadlift. Can also be used with pull-ups bar, parallel bars, weighted bars or kettlebells. 6...
Reference: 0556
Set of 4 bands. Each band has a different strength (10, 13, 18 and 22 kg). The bands can be used for muscle strengthening, Yoga, Pilates, rehabilitation. Suitable for all sport level and to work all body parts. Can be...
Reference: 0579
Promotes grip and respects the body's biomechanics when using all resistance bands considerably increasing tension and effectiveness of exercises.
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