Jumping rope

The jump rope is the perfect tool for varying cardio training, while guaranteeing work on muscle tone and explosiveness. Moreover, it will maximize your caloric expenditure.

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Reference: 2715
A nicely designed adjustable aluminium skipping rope. Nonslip handle with a good grip for more comfort during exercises. Ideal for Cross training. 360° rotation. Steel rope with PVC coating. You can adjust the length...
Reference: 2717
This fast and sturdy skipping rope has an innovative self-locking system. Just press the end of the handle to adjust the cord length without having to screw. 360° ball bearing. Steel cable covered with PVC.
Reference: 2790
This jump rope is based on our Battle Rope made of high strength braided polyester. Heavy weighted for you to work on your strength endurance and cardio training. It will appeal to hard training enthusiasts. Its...
Reference: 2791
This 2.5 kg skipping rope, designed based on our Battle rope, will allow you to work on your strength endurance as well as your cardio fitness. It will appeal to hard training enthusiasts.
Evacuate stress and sculpt your body while enjoying yourself with the fun technique of the POUND® workout, the latest fitness trend. Classes combine dance movements and fitness exercises to the beat of music using...
Reference: 2719
The heavy skipping rope is the perfect accessory to work both your cardio and your shoulder muscles. Its thick handle will also allow you to work on your grip.
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