Composed of two large handles of 16.5 cm each at both ends for easy passage of thighs or shod feet, plus four additional central handles of 11cm each. Total length: 110cm. Ever more innovative, the Multi-Elastiband® combines the advantages of the Maxi-Elastiband® (wider handles, longer length) and the classic Elastiband® (8 handles in total). The Multi Elastiband® is recommended for people greater than 1m68 tall, or for smaller people wishing to use the Elastiband® for stretching.

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Reference: 0579
Promotes grip and respects the body's biomechanics when using all resistance bands considerably increasing tension and effectiveness of exercises.
Reference: 0182
Fits on to the ends of any Elastiband® in order to increase the stretching distance. Allows to hang one or more Elastiband® on a fixed point by velcro ® (wall bars or other).
Reference: 0180
Suitable for Elastiband® 7 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg and 20 kg 36 muscle building exercises Translated into 5 languages: French - English - German - Italian - Spanish Indication: - series of movements to realize -...
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