Based on the same principle as the Atlas ball, the strongbag, made of a flexible material, will allow you to work and improve your strength, endurance, and explosiveness. Thanks to its versatility, the strongbag enables a wide range of movements: deadlift, squat, clean, strongbag over shoulder, and many more.

The strongbag is designed using two distinct layers: an inner bag with a thick Velcro closure to accommodate the weight, as well as a high-quality Oxford outer layer for increased durability. The outer bag also features a zipper with double Velcro straps for optimal safety.

Available in 45kg, 68kg, 90kg.

Delivered empty.

Sveltus recommendation: It is imperative to use 0.6/0.8mm masonry sand. Sand that is too fine or too coarse could damage the zipper and seams, causing them to fail completely in the short or medium term.

Responsibility: Do not load the Strongbag beyond the indicated weight, as there is a risk of seam explosion during drops.

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Weight (kg) ~
  • 45 kg
  • 68 kg
  • 90 kg
Height (cm) ≈
  • 20
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